Bekanze is an experimental Project Space  located in Miami, in the heart of  Coconut Grove.  The space celebrates art in an informal and relaxed environment, one which promotes freedom of creativity and expression  through art, photography, architecture, design and culture. Encouraging visitors to engage with the works on a personal and intimate level, where the space reflects the mind of the artist, the creative process, and technical experiments.  


Bekanze embraces a new definition of the art space.  A space which is committed  to be  responsive and adaptive,  one that serves and creates opportunities for international and local artists through its openness to experimentation, contemplation, and conversation.  A place to create an interdisciplinary community of artists, composers, designers,  architects and poets who engaged in experimental art,  performances and exhibitions.  


We aspire to enhance the approachability of contemporary art and to build an appreciation for its role in society. Finding new ways of expression,  new frontiers of connection between  art, society and our emotional, spiritual, and mental states. Every month we  create a new project -from the art exhibition in our space, to workshops, dinner  and events-  we bring a new concept  or relevant topic to tell a narrative and creating engaging experiences.  


Bekanze is an experimental Design studio. Studying and finding new ways of expression, Bekanze has embarked on a mission to explore new frontiers of connection between architecture, design and our emotional, spiritual, and mental states.

                                                                                                                       OUR VALUES

Bekanze believes design could bringing together what has been separated in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual realm. Reconnecting what has been disconnected. It embraces the human being as something indivisible, synchronized and unique. Having the complete information of all of our being, in the soul, looking for answers inside not outside, helping the person to understand their own personal intentions and for what purpose and how to heal, to transform and embrace their own sanctuary.


Bekanze mission is to find meaningfulness in Design and the strong wish to make peoples leaving space and environment, places where they can  feel protected, comfortable, happy and  safe. We take a holistic approach to our living spaces and believe that our homes are an invaluable component to healthy living.  After all, our home is a living body that needs to breathe, and be in harmony with its environment.



We’re dedicated to raising awareness and donating a portion of our profits to great causes.  Please read on to see how each organization has made a valuable difference in the fields of education, nutrition, and general wellbeing.  We hope that after reading about these wonderful causes, you will feel as passionately about them as we do.



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